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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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that we have the right to be their. or at least, as we asked yesterday, to show us where we are allowed to be so we can collect signatures. we went out yesterday to try to help the current director of public safety, a former police officer whose name i did not get -- what is it? and they give us a citation. they give is a citation -- they gave us a citation. to avoid these situations, we want the officers to show us where we can be out there. there was attitude by sergeant young, disdain, and a crack about "do i have to draw you a picture?" we had difficulties out your last year we were collecting
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signatures for the november ballot. outside the trader joe's, in one instance. there were lots of people prevented from going in and out, and nobody would make a decision, even though i had the case blogged -- case log that allows free speech on private property. [beeping] president mazzucco: you have three minutes, sir. >> my apologies. president mazzucco: it sounds like you've already discussed this matter with the occ. >> not this particular matter. i have discussed the matter with sergeant gray. in the very short time -- i just want to say, in the very short time we were collecting
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signatures, we need to be allowed -- president mazzucco: we need to have someone from the police department talk to you. i see someone is going to talk to you now. thank you, sir. any further comment regarding these matters? call the next item. >> item two, captain daniel mahoney, commanding ingleside station officer -- commanding officer of ingleside station. >> if i can jump in, i have been trading e-mail with a couple of folks. most recently, there was a supreme court petition gathering. i am not sure if it was this gentleman. we're going to put out a department bulletin, just to make sure the officers are reminded of the most recent case. that are allowed. >> i do not ordinarily engaging
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in discourse with people, but that sounds like an important issue. line item #doc. -- number two. >> commissioners, the leading. if you can give me just one second for the powerpoint to come on. -- commissioners, good evening. >> great. commissioners, good evening. chief suhr, director hicks.
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i am captain mahoney of the ingleside station. i want to welcome you to my station. we're very glad to have you here tonight. what i am going to do is give you an overview of the district, talk about what is comprising the district, its policing challenges, and some of the enforcement strategies i have set up for. ingleside station is comprised of six radio car sectors. we are almost six and a half square miles. the population is over 14,000 residents. your home to a large business community, large residential community. it parks and public housing. -- we have parks and public housing. the district has many, many different groups, starting with
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the east side of the district here. we have a little bit up tortola, sunnyvale, visitation valley, our mission, lower mission, diamond heights, west would park, glen park, but stations. the district also encompasses five separate districts. we have supervisor tells burns -- supervisor elsbernd, supervisor wiener, supervisor campos, supervisor cohen, and
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supervisor john avalos. the station itself, i am capt. here. ibm de commanding officer. -- i am the commanding officer. that the station, -- that at the station, i am not officers. they make up the staff that handles things such as conduct, website maintenance, all the facilities. i would be remiss if i did not mention the cadets who are here tonight. we have four cadets here who have been a godsend, have done a
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fantastic job for the station. we also have patrol units. we have 24-hour coverage. we have training officers, specialists, bicycle units and motorcycle units. finally, we have an investigative team that handles all my investigations. i have our resources unit. plainclothes unit. representing our night watch, my night watch the tenant -- -- my night watch lieutenantt. ingleside is also home to our ambassador program. we have three separate volunteers to come in and they make contact with some of the people making reports for crimes that cannot quite get assigned to the investigator team.
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they may be lower level crimes, but they are very unfortunate people who are victimized to make the report itself. they do a number of things. they make contact with the victim's. they tried to elicit any further information on the crime, and the other thing they do is they actually take the survey from the people to find out quality control, if you will come and they have questions about the officers are doing. fortunately, i can say i've not had a report from any of the people who has been given the survey. we also have a daily mission. every morning, i need with members of my research unit and station investigator team. they give me reports on the crimes that have occurred in the
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past 24 hours. with that, i am able to identify the crime trends, the patterns, the hot spots to start focusing on those different areas. we take a look and see where the crime is occurring and i am able to put that out to the officers said they have an idea where to concentrate their efforts. on the slide now is what the daily edition looks like. is broken down by car sector -- it is broken down by car sector. it also identifies the current crime patterns by sector and the critical infrastructure. ingleside is some to tremendous community involvement. we have actively engaged folks
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working as our city advisory board. they reflect the makeup of the district. vicki rosen, angie, the president, tonight with us, members of my cpad. julie and steve and amarlene tran from visitation at valley. -- marlene tran from visitation valley. in ingleside, it is no different. people are being victims of robbery, assault, based that they are walking around with ipods on, cell phones, been
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distracted. we came up with an informational fliers. everyone has small cards in front of you. they are done in english, cantonese, and spanish. and basically, we put them up in businesses. we take them wherever we can and try to get the word out, not just to tell people to be alert in their surroundings. this is one of the best examples of the police and the community working together. ingleside is home to critical infrastructure. that includes the city college, the police academy, the water storage facility. officers may pass on calls to those areas each day. traffic enforcement is one focus we have out here because we have
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seen a direct correlation between traffic enforcement and a decrease in traffic provisions. this is a snapshot of one such month. if you notice from 2009 to 2011, traffic collisions have gone down. next. the enforcement operations i have mandated for the district -- there are a number of different types of operations, all targeting public safety. what i am looking for is using bicycle officers, coupled with a motorcycle officers and radio cars to look for distracted drivers, those on cell phones or not wearing seat belts. the reason for the self on enforcement -- although i am sure we're all -- cell phone
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enforcement -- although i'm sure we're all guilty of that at some point -- it is responsible for 20% of traffic collisions. one day we will run an operation in lower mission and the next in a different area. we're doing this districtwide. the third area, we are focused on five. that is an operation whereby we identified the five highest locations in the district with the highest incidence of traffic accidents. we did german -- we determine what the cause was. the goal is to decrease traffic accidents. finally, i've received a number of complaints and i have seen it firsthand as well, where pedestrians are in the crosswalk
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and drivers are not yielding to them. to that end, i of started an operation where i have both men and women in plainclothes crossing the various intersections throughout the district with motorcycle officers parked not too far away. robbery abatement. robbery is probably one of the biggest issues in the district. we are starting to see a slight uptick from last year in robbery's. right now, it has all been due to people with cell phones, individuals walk around listening to their ipod, talking on the phone, being distracted. we identified the target areas, the hotspots. the short term strategy is saturation, doing robbery abatement decoys, undercover officers, just looking, watching
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for potential victims. trying to be the potential victim. we also have an education campaign where we are actively discussing this on our website. current crime trends. there are two specific incidents of want to talk about in the last week. reason being, it is not only illustrate the problem in the district, but it illustrates the solutions we all have and how we work together with the community. about nine days ago, there was the report of our robbery -- a robbery. the victim has not come forward, but witnesses stated that an asian female was beaten to the ground, had her property taken, and the suspect fled. a short time later, we had a
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woman the victim of a brutal robbery. she was dragged into the st.. she was kicked, beaten. she had to be hospitalized. witnesses again describe the vehicle. describe the vehicle as a pt cruiser. something very similar to the hhr. the drug days later, a clock in the morning, there was another robbery. this time the victim was pistol whipped. the officers happen to see our red -- a red hhr drive away. due to the traffic on the freeway, they lost the car, but my officers were able to identify the drivers. we recover the weapon, which still had the blood on it, and we now have a parole warrants and are robbery warrant for the second suspect. the second case happened to be a
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person rather on the 3100 block of mission. the person had an iphone. everyone's phone seems to be taken these days. they also took his wallet and his property. this person had downloaded the app mobileme on the phone is self. once he reported it to police, the officers happen to have his own iphone, allow the victim to login, and he loves into the mobile me account and we tracked through gps where the phone was. the suspect was about 10 blocks away. as the officer walked up to the suspect, he hit a button, and the phone began making an alert ton. we were able to not only did the phone back, but all his property
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back. once again, it showed both of these cases showed the need for the police to work with the community. if it was not for the witnesses, if it was not for the victim, those arrests probably would not have happened. ingleside, we host our own website, which is one of the best ways we get our mission -- message out. we talk about the crime trends for the district. and make announcements in the district. with access to the daily news letter. it gives us the community meeting schedule, save the flyers, alerts. we have links to our e-mail. rather than having people log on and get these updates, we find that having a web site is better. anyone can go to the website and
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have the information in a moment's notice. our upcoming events -- tuesday, august 2, we will be participating in national night out. one of the things in doing this year is taking community involvement to the next level. i am working with my police advisory board. that are co-hosts of national night out. we have people from our mission working with us to planet. we're looking to haven't -- have it with motorcycle officers there. we're going to have barbeque, and basically the purpose is to get out and meet the community, led the community meet us, and see what we do. the other event, august 29, the
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40th anniversary of the attack of ingleside station and the death of sergeant john young. a will be asking our civic leaders, members of our command staff, the police advisory board, members of the committee to come forward and share that day with us. at this time, that includes the presentation for ingleside station. the e-mail address is up there for anyone who has any questions, anything i can do for them. our website is up there, and i can entertain any questions from the commission. president mazzucco: thank you, capt. and tony. that was a great presentation, especially with the examples of things you are seeing. certainly, the commissioners can ask questions or we can defer until the community speaks. what would you prefer?
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>> let's defer. president mazzucco: we will start with the community. thank you, capt.. please come forward for public comment. how were you? >> i am it fined. i am president of the albert mission resident association. a just want to say, chief suhr, i have seen more in the last six weeks than in the last six months. we have been at almost every event together. over the weekend, i had the privilege, and i've had the privilege, to be invited to special events including the funerals for fallen police officers throughout the state,
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being in parades with the police department, marching with them. is such a high. you see the community clapping and waving and saying -- my job was, you know, i wish we could have that at police commission meetings, to have that kind of thing. i want to bring something back. de vie years ago -- my grandfather turned 100 this year. two years ago, my grandfather was here. he was 98 years old. we went down to the st. patrick's day parade. my grandfather marched the whole parade. it was the highlight of his trip. i just want to say, just being with the officers of the police department, it is a highlight for me. i am always told when we come to these meetings in the district
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not to do a lovefest. but it is hard not to do a lovefest with officers at ingleside station, the truly love the district. capt. mahoney, i waited for a few days and i called capt. mahoney, and do you remember we work together years ago? it was a tanning salon, a massage parlor that was pretty much of four house -- a whorehouse. it was operation bill the cage. it took us two years to bring that place down. i also want to tell you something -- i know, commissioners, you get on the mailing list. week of but two papers to the police department. i steal capt. mahoney's captains
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message and we put it in the newsletter for people who do not get the website, cannot get on the website. in the post the information, like fun numbers, how you can report certain items -- and we post the information, like phone numbers, how you can report certain items. i am so proud to be part of it. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, captain suhr. director hicks. i am marlene tran, spokesperson for visitation valley asian persons alliance. while i welcome everybody, i am
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disappointed at the people coming in. i think there was some sort of computer glitch, because i sent e-mail asking that all the groups be contacted. i do not understand what happened. none of the people were really contacted until i reminded them. so, i hope that we have a better way of communicating with the residence in this community, because we have a terrible communication chasm that is going on, not only because of language, but ability as well. i am currently involved with the community advisory group in ingleside, and i also attend baby meetings. i am also part of the asian- pacific islander police form. the reason i am doing that is safety has been a problem in
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district and for many, many years. we know all the problems that are going on. by getting more people involved, we can make this a safer community. before i came here, a took a look at the police website to see if there was any kind of update. i must say, i am pretty disappointed. when i tried to check the chinese website, this is what i get. sorry, i'm -- this url is invalid. and there are gibberish numbers. if this is the kind of access we are providing the chinese members, i do not know what we're going to do. i need to provide much more, make sure that safety and access is for everybody, especially for the diverse community who live here.
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visitation valley is home to 60% asians. i could not very well do the work that should be done by the police officers. that is the reason why i suggested that an officer go to talk to the seniors, to take this agreement to the senior group and make sure they are here because they do have a lot of concerns they addressed to me. all in all, i want to thank everybody for being here, but we have much more work to do to make sure that communication is not only done through e-mail. we have to find other ways to help the community. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, members of the commission, and our new chief. i am the principle of this edition valley middle school, and i welcome you -- i am the
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principal of visitation valley middle school, and i welcome you to our beautiful school. i want to put the word out for the work that the men and women of ingleside station do everyday. i have been here 12 years. i have seen many changes in 12 years. they are all for the better. a lot has to do with the close cooperation between the police department and the school district and, of course, our kids. i just wanted you folks to hear that. wearing my other hat, and the president of the united administrators of san francisco, representing all the school principals, and we would like to thank you for the great work you do with us in the schools, with the police officers that are
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assigned to the various i schools, some of the middle schools where we really need help and support. i know you guys to not get to hear from us too often. i thought i would just point those out. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. next speaker. >> commissioners, chief suhr. i just want to say welcome to the captain of ingleside. he is the best we could have around here. give me my $20 and i will go outside. seriously. the concerns of the residents living near. citizens do not normally come -- cabs